Northeastern University Planning, Real Estate, and Facilities

Northeastern University Planning, Real Estate, and Facilities

Providing 24-Hour Service to Northeastern University’s Community

We are responsible for maintaining and improving Northeastern’s facilities and grounds; promoting an attractive, safe, clean, and sustainable campus environment.  Through our efforts we help Northeastern meet the goals and aspirations needed to advance itself and remain a leader in global experiential learning.


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To Submit a Work Request

All departmental work orders are are processed through the Work Request System on your myNortheastern account.

  1.  Log into myNortheastern with your credentials
  2.  Go to the "Service & Links" tab
  3.  Select "Facilities Online Work Request"
  4.  Fill out the form to the best of your ability

*To access from outside the campus or when using a data plan on your phone or iPad, you must connect to the Northeastern VPN.

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Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University


Facilities News & Updates

Sensing a Cleaner Future

Can cities and nature coexist? Amy Mueller, a professor and researcher at Northeastern, knows they can. And she's putting in the work to make it happen.

Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub Introduced as Part of Northeastern’s Earth Month Festivities

The new Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub was introduced at the Egan Research center on April 20. A panel of speakers guided a conversation about the state of climate justice and what steps still need to be taken.

The Pollen Problem

As temperatures warm and atmospheric CO2 levels rise, what can we expect for those of us who suffer from spring pollen allergies?

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