Northeastern University Facilities Management

Northeastern University Facilities Management

Providing 24-Hour Service to Northeastern University’s Community

We are responsible for maintaining and improving Northeastern’s facilities and grounds; promoting an attractive, safe, clean, and sustainable campus environment.  Through our efforts we help Northeastern meet the goals and aspirations needed to advance itself and remain a leader in global experiential learning.


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To Submit a Work Request

All departmental work orders are are processed through the Work Request System on your myNortheastern account.

  1.  Log into myNortheastern with your credentials
  2.  Go to the "Service & Links" tab
  3.  Select "Facilities Online Work Request"
  4.  Fill out the form to the best of your ability

*To access from outside the campus or when using a data plan on your phone or iPad, you must connect to the Northeastern VPN.

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This guidebook illustrates and informs the university community of the guidelines and recommendations that have been developed to ensure a safe environment as we return to campus.

For questions, contact [email protected]


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Boston Campus Summer Projects

Summer is a busy season for construction and renovation projects. To help minimize disruption to the campus community, a map has been created to identify locations of major ongoing summer work. 

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Facilities News & Updates

“AerosolSense 2900 Sampler” – Safer and Cleaner Air on Campus

Lab tier sensors that can detect COVID-19 particles in the air just became available for the larger public, and Northeastern is taking affirmative actions to ensure the safety of its community.

Ride and Drive for a Sustainable Future

Another step was taken toward a more sustainable future on Thursday, July 22nd, on Northeastern’s campus. The University hosted the Mass EV Experience Expo, where the public had a chance to explore the universe of electric vehicles, listen to several speakers from different corners of the industry, and learn about Northeastern’s plans regarding its sustainability commitments.

Established Trees – Problems and Preservation

Established trees that have proved to be essential elements of the unique on-campus ecosystem face threats that could potentially jeopardize their existence.

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