Planned Speare Place & North Lot Closure

As part of the University’s efforts to enhance and improve its utility infrastructure, North Lot, as well as Speare Place will be closed from Wednesday, May 10th through Friday, August 4th.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this outage, please contact Facilities Customer Service at 617-373-2754 with any questions or concerns and they will direct your call to the appropriate person.     More Information

Northeastern has some new buzz. Arboretum installs bee hive, makes Boston campus an urban bee haven

// Thursday June 8, 2023

Aiming to foster an urban habitat for diverse wildlife, Northeastern University’s latest efforts buzz around their new additions: a thriving beehive and unique bee hotels, collectively marking the Boston campus as an officially recognized urban bee haven.

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Students Celebrate Earth Month around the Global Campus 

// Tuesday June 6, 2023

From undergraduate to master’s and from London to Seattle, students across Northeastern’s Global campus celebrated Earth Month throughout April. Students engaged with sustainability in their classes, with student clubs and through university events.  

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Activists, Entrepreneurs, Academics and More Gather in London to Discuss the Fossil Fuel Issue 

// Tuesday May 30, 2023

Sparking vital dialogue on the climate crisis, Northeastern’s London campus hosted a diverse conference aimed at shedding fresh perspectives and actionable ideas on transitioning from pervasive fossil fuels to sustainable energy.

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Publication Draws Attention to Communicating Issues of Environmental Justice

// Thursday May 25, 2023

The publication examines the way that Environmental Justice is communicated from the federal government, which is primarily in a damage centered approach. Three major pitfalls of the damaged centered approach are reification, obfuscation and discretization.

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Students, Staff, Community Members celebrate Arbor Day at Fitzgerald Park

// Thursday May 25, 2023

Fitzgerald Park in Mission Hill is close to becoming a level I arboretum, thanks to the help of Northeastern students and staff.

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PREF Launches DEI Learning Series

// Tuesday May 16, 2023

PREF has initiated the DEI Learning Series, a dedicated platform for staff to enhance their understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion topics, inaugurated with a session facilitated by Dr. Melissa Berry-Woods, a prominent figure in the field.

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Employees across the Construction Industry Meet and Discuss Equity and Inclusivity

// Monday May 15, 2023

Northeastern University hosted the first conference of the Alliance for Building and Construction Diversity (ABCD), a new initiative by Assistant VP of Capital Projects, Tim Singleton, aimed at fostering diversity in the industry.

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Speare Place & North Lot Closure

// Tuesday May 9, 2023

      As part of the University’s efforts to enhance and improve its utility infrastructure, North Lot as well as Speare Place will be closed from Wednesday, May 10th through Friday, August 4th. Starting this summer, steam distribution lines will be replaced in this area.  This will necessitate the closure of the North Lot as […]

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“Together We’re Better”

// Monday May 8, 2023

  Yobella Cook Graduation Year: 2024 Major: Health Science, B.S. Title of the Work: “Together We’re Better” This piece represents some of the ways Northeastern collaborates with adjacent communities and leverages research and academic strengths to advance just and equitable solutions to the climate crisis. There are sections of the artwork portraying how Northeastern has […]

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