Northeastern community comes together to unveil new children’s center 

// Thursday December 21, 2023

The collective compassion of a Northeastern University community rallied to restore a beloved children’s center and create a resilient tale of collaboration and determination.  

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Top 10 Study Spaces for Students

// Friday December 15, 2023

The Northeastern Planning, Real Estate, and Facilities’ Campus Planning and Design Team is dedicated to ensuring that students have access to a wide range of study spaces that foster academic success and overall well-being

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A Second Life for Gently Used Appliances

// Friday December 8, 2023

Northeastern University’s innovative approach to appliance disposal, led by Juan Gil Figueroa, turns a logistical challenge into a sustainable opportunity, benefiting the local community and environment through collaboration with Boston Building Resources.

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Compost Program Expansion: Dorm Edition

// Tuesday December 5, 2023

As Northeastern University extends its composting initiative to dormitories, it fosters a culture of environmental consciousness among students, turning food waste into valuable compost and significantly reducing the campus’s carbon footprint.

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Summer Preventative Maintenance Keeps our Campus on Track All Year

// Tuesday November 14, 2023

Northeastern University’s summer maintenance program, led by the Planning, Real Estate, and Facilities division, focuses on enhancing campus infrastructure and sustainability, ensuring a seamless and environmentally-friendly experience for students and faculty.

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15 Fascinating Boston Campus Trees: an inside look into our level II Arboretum

// Monday November 13, 2023

The university Arboretum carefully cultivates each plant to guarantee every New England season is picturesque and our campus is biodiverse. They arrange a diverse ecosystem of plants that peak at various times of year- their season of interest.  

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Donate your Dorm

// Wednesday September 13, 2023

Mills Institute at Northeastern University in Oakland gives back to local organizations with student and facility donations.

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How do you cool off? Northeastern Connects with Local Communities Through Boston’s Heat Emergency

// Friday September 8, 2023

As things heat up in Boston, and around the world, Northeastern helps communities cool down with the Hot Summer, Cool Break Initiative

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Farewell Mills Goats: The Future of Wildfire Prevention

// Wednesday August 9, 2023

Mills Institute at Northeastern University hires goats to graze away flammable vegetation.

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