Building Information Modeling Support Center

Building Information Modeling Support Center

Providing accurate and comprehensive building information

We are committed to leveraging the power of Building Information modeling (BIM ) to enhance our planning, construction, and operations efforts. Our team utilizes BIM software to create detailed models that allow us to visualize projects and make informed decisions that improve project outcomes and maintenance management. 


This page will provide information, resources, and guidelines for those interested in learning more about BIM and how Planning, Real Estate and Facilities is utilizing the tool. 

Project Progress Information

BIM – Standards

BIM – Standards

Best Practices for model use and expectations for model users, internal and external.

Learn more about BIM – Standards
BIM – Procedures

BIM – Procedures

Common BIM workflows, template specifics, and tips & tricks.

Learn more about BIM – Procedures
BIM – Enabled Buildings

BIM – Enabled Buildings

Department standards for project closeout.

Learn more about BIM – Enabled Buildings

BIM Goals

The BIM Initiative has several major intermediate goals on the path to full integration.


3D Scan of all Northeastern campuses


Establish existing conditions models accessible to all PREF Project Managers


Finalize project workflows for internal and external design use of models


Develop a single source of knowledge for processes and support


Transition PREF Project Managers to Revit/ACC


Finalize Archibus and Preservica workflow integrations for archiving models 


BIM Initiative

Boston Scanning Schedule

Phase One
Academic Buildings & Main Campus


Phase 1-1: Central Campus

Phase 1-2: Centennial

Phase 1-3: Science Quad& Others

Phase 1-4: Columbus

  • Churchill Hall
  • Curry Student Center
  • Dana Research Center
  • Egan Eng/Science Research Center (EC)
  • Ell Hall
  • Snell Engineering Center
  • Snell Library
  • Behrakis Health Science Center
  • Forsyth Building
  • Holmes Hall
  • Lake Hall
  • Meserve Hall
  • Nightingale Hall
  • Ryder Hall
  • Shillman Hall
  • Cahners Hall
  • Cullinane Hall
  • Cushing Hall
  • Hurtig Hall
  • Robinson Hall



  • ISEC
  • Columbus Place
  • Renaissance Park
  • Ruggles Architecture Studio




Phase Two
Secondary Main Campus


Phase 2-1: Athletics
Phase 2-2: Law School
Phase 2-3: Huntington
  • Matthews Arena
  • Marino Rec Center
  • Cabot Center/Barletta
  • Badger & Rosen SquashBusters Center (SB)
  • Cargill Hall
  • Dockser Hall
  • Hastings Hall
  • Kariotis Hall
  • Knowles Center
  • Stearns Center
  • 177 Huntington
  • 216 Massachusetts Ave
  • Asian American Center
  • Belvidere
  • Fenway Center
  • 140 The Fenway



Building 3D Scanning


Building Documentation

Capital Projects & Operations


  • Goal: Capture existing conditions as accurately as possible
  • Benefit: Less risk from uncertainty in existing conditions
  • Progress: 5 buildings are completed, and ongoing work is being made towards a fully modeled campus
  • Goal: Replace all uses of 2D CAD files with more accurate and data-focused 3D models
  • Benefit: A more reliable and easy-to-access resource for capital projects and trades & services
  • Progress: Working with Archibus and Preservica to develop new archive & operations workflows
  • Goal: Save time and contingency funds in contract work and campus maintenance
  • ​Benefit: New files and easy access will serve all of the facilities in their daily work
  • Progress: Combining existing and new resources to maximize accessibility


Project Documents

Knowledge Resources

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