Additional enhancements will include improved infrastructure, such as irrigation and drainage, as well as field lighting and scoreboards. The university will place a temporary air structure—or “bubble”—over one of the playing fields during the winter months to extend the availability of the facility for both students and city residents.

At the ceremony, Ty Harding, a seventh-grader from Mattapan, and Jodie Ng, a recent Northeastern graduate, explained how this project will impact Boston youth and college students alike. “It means a lot to have a beautiful field to play on,” said Harding, whose South End Little League teams used the fields, and who underscored the value of having a state-of-the-art playing surface.

Ng, for her part, was involved in club sports throughout her time at Northeastern, including as team treasurer and president. She said these experiences provided both a social outlet and a great leadership opportunity.

“On behalf of all club athletes, I think there’s an incredible feeling of gratitude,” she said. Carter Playground, she added, represents an important investment in students young and old.