Climate Justice and Sustainability – Tunnel Art Competition


Submissions will close on Tuesday, January 31st, at 5 pm 


$500 per winning team (Up to 4 winners could be selected)   

What is it all about?

The Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub is hosting a student competition to design an original art piece that visualizes one of the themes of climate justice action. The winners of this competition will receive a cash prize, along with seeing their artwork added to the walls of the tunnel system under the Boston campus. This design can be open-ended but should revolve around the core goals of the Climate Justice & Sustainability Hub as listed below: 

  1. Continue to advance campuses as models of sustainable, resilient, healthy, and inclusive communities
  2. Contribute to a just and regenerative economy, both locally and globally
  3. Collaborate with adjacent communities to contribute to equitable and sustainable neighborhood
  4. Leverage research and academic strengths to advance just and equitable solutions to the climate crisis 

If you are considering participating and would like to attend an information session, please sign up here. 

More about the Project: 

The dimensions, number of pieces, and locations of the art piece are flexible. Creativity is encouraged when it comes to each of these elements (i.e. installation size, incorporating the ceiling or tunnels in an artistic manner, designing a series of 5 – 8 pieces that have different placements throughout the tunnel system, etc.). 

There will be a maximum budget of $1,000 to be used on materials for each submission. This is separate from the $500 cash award. Unless otherwise requested, the art piece will be displayed on a vinyl or vinyl substitute material that can be adhered to the wall. Participants are welcome to propose more sustainable materials that are within budget if they are durable and will last for a year or more. Please specify the materials to be used in the submission and include a budget breakdown of estimated costs to ensure it won’t exceed the limit. 

Submission Details: 

The design should be submitted as a multimedia file that clearly shows the details of the art piece. Include a 1-2 page write-up with the following details: 

  1. Description: A brief description of the artwork and how it relates to one or more of the four goals listed.  
  2. Project specifications: Dimensions, and details on how the piece should be displayed/aligned in the tunnel system. Are there any specific location considerations with the design(s)?  
  3. Project Budget: Include budget details if the project is anything besides a file that will be printed on vinyl. Budget for materials not to exceed $1,000.

Please email your submission to Megan Curtis-Murphy ([email protected]) by Tuesday, January 31st at 5 pm.  

Decision Process: 

The Student Sustainability Committee will review submissions and vote on the winner with input from faculty advisors. Any Committee members who are involved in a submission must recuse themselves from the voting process. The Committee reserves the right to pick one or multiple winners depending on the size/scale of installations submitted. The winning submission will need approval from the university administration prior to installation.  

Questions or Concerns:

If you have any questions or concerns about this competition, please reach out to Megan Curtis-Murphy ([email protected]). 

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