Greenovation, Progress and Perseverance


Joan Fitzgerald is a professor of Urban and Public Policy at Northeastern University.  She focuses on urban climate action and the connections between urban sustainability and economic development and innovation.  In addition, she examines how climate action can create opportunity for revitalization of low-income communities. 

Prof. Joan Fitzgerald recently completed her forth book titled “Greenovation: Urban Leadership on Climate Change.” This book is a uniquely urban-focused appraisal of the economic, political, and social debates that underpin the drive to “go green,” Greenovation helps us understand what is arguably the toughest policy problem of our era:  the increasing impact of anthropocentric climate change on modern social life.

The School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs recently held a discussion with Prof. Joan Fitzgerald to discuss her newest book.  She outlines how her research and interests have led to this new work and offers advice on how to keep persevering toward progress.  Check out the full discussion Here

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