Materials & Recycling

Materials & Recycling

Reducing the Amount of Campus Waste

The Recycling Department is responsible for the recyclable materials generated from all of the university’s campuses.  Northeastern recycles at close to 30%.  We work closely with other facility departments to ensure the proper disposal procedures are followed and comply with all governmental regulations.


Our goals are to Preserve the environment, Reduce the cost of waste disposal, and Keep the design of the program simple and convenient to maintain university wide commitment.

What Can I Recycle?


Recyclable Plastic Items

Recyclable plastics include; Beverage Bottles, Detergent Bottles, Household Cleaner Bottles, Soap Bottles, Cereal Box Bags, Deodorant Containers, Yogurt Tubs, and Milk Jugs.


Recyclable Paper Items

All Paper is recyclable and includes; Newspaper, Mail, Printer Paper, Paper Cups, Magazines, and Books.


Recyclable Glass Items

All glass items are recyclable. This includes; Glass Beverage Containers, and Glass Food Jars.


Recyclable Metal Items

Metal Items that can be recycled include; Aluminum Cans, Tin Cans, Bottle Caps, Tin Foil (clean), and Scrap Metal.


Recyclable Cardboard Items

All Cardboard is recyclable and includes; Ream Wrappers, File Folders, Poster Boards, Milk Cartons, and Pizza Boxes (clean).



Compostable Products

Compostable items break down quickly into natural elements.  They are disposed of in a compost heap, filled with rich microorganisms reaching high temperatures.  Compostable materials are typically made from plants, food scraps, and other organic materials.


Student, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate in composting by utilizing our well marked bins located in the four dining halls.

What Can You Compost?

Food Scraps Leaves Plants & Weeds
Potting Soil Food Soiled Paper Wool



Disposal of Specialty Items

The Waste Management team also diverts specialty items from the waste stream including electronics, printer cartridges, batteries, and mattresses.

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