Planned Speare Place & North Lot Closure

As part of the University’s efforts to enhance and improve its utility infrastructure, North Lot, as well as Speare Place will be closed from Wednesday, May 10th through Friday, August 4th.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this outage, please contact Facilities Customer Service at 617-373-2754 with any questions or concerns and they will direct your call to the appropriate person.     More Information

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality & Mold Education

Indoor Air Quality has been connected to the immediate health and well-being of individuals. ECOS works to maintain good indoor air quality within required and consensus guidelines.

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Air Quality Evaluation

If you have a concern regarding indoor air quality, submit an online Facilities & Residential Life Work Request. Your concern will be investigated, and the next steps and options clarified. 

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Typical Air Quality Concerns 

Mold Education & Moisture Control

Mold can grow on any surface when excess moisture is present. For mold growth concerns or musty odors, submit an online Facilities & Residential Life Work Request. Someone to assess the area, and if needed treat the location or manage the core issue.  


Mold FAQ   



  • Mold is naturally occurring in the environment.  
  • Mold comes in a variety of different colors, many of which are black. Not all black-colored mold is toxic. 
  • Mold exposure affects individuals differently and can range from no symptoms to severe allergic responses.  
  • Dark-colored dust around ventilation is often mistaken as mold. Regular cleaning will remove the dust. Please note that students are responsible for cleaning ventilation in their rooms.   
  • If you suspect mold or other maintenance issues contact your RA or submit a work order request.   


Any unusual odors such as chemical smell or vehicle exhaust should be reported. If the event is not an emergency, try to identify the source of the odor if possible and submit an online Facilities & Residential Life Work Request. Someone will help identify the source and either recommend or assist on actions.