How I practice Sustainability Every Day


by Lexi Hamsmith
Lab Operations and Safety Specialist
Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Green Office Challenge Eco-Ambassador


Reducing Single-Use Plastics

Zero Waste Store has a great collection of sustainable and eco-friendly products from several different stores. I’ve made the switch over to everything from dish soap blocks, to compostable sponges and dishwashing brushes, to UnPaper Towels, to toothpaste and mouthwash tablets, to deodorant in carboard tubes, to silicone sandwich bags and beeswax food wraps!

Blueland sells plastic free cleaners in reusable, shatterproof bottles. We have Glass and Mirror, Bathroom and Multi-Surface cleaner that works so well! We also use the refillable hand soap. Refills are inexpensive and you just dissolve the tablets in water and you’re ready to clean!


Reducing paper waste

Rather than using a notebook, I’ve begun laminating pieces of paper (or using a sheet protector) and writing on it with permanent marker. The marker wipes off if you cover it with dry erase marker, and you can just scan the notes onto your computer!
I made the easy switch to bamboo toilet paper! Bamboo grows much faster than trees and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees!



I have a growing collection of glass and plastic jars and containers as well as old takeout containers. We reuse these in many different way! The takeout containers are great for bringing food to events without having to worry about getting your container when you leave.



Since plastic can only be downcycled, I try my best to reduce my consumption of it. Recently, I found GrannyGeeks on Etsy. This store creates a number of 3D-printed items to help upcycle plastic. I had a coworker bring in old milk jugs and now have three different upcycled watering/fertilizer “cans” for my houseplants and small flower garden.


Toothpaste tablets in glass container Un-Paper” Towels, cloth paper towel alternatives

Upcycled milk jug with 3D-printed spout (watering can)


Reusable shatterproof cleaning bottles and refill tablets from Blueland Beeswax food wrap Reusable silicone sandwich bag


by Lexi Hamsmith
June 15, 2021

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