EXP/ISEC Area Closure


The area between ISEC and EXP will be closed until next spring in order to create a chilled water district system. Chilled water is used to cool buildings and the system uses chillers to cool the water.


ISEC has two chillers, but only one is needed to run the building. The second one is there as a backup in case the first one fails.


EXP needs two chillers to run, but still needs a backup in case of failure. The design team could have decided to install three chillers in EXP, but instead decided to connect ISEC and EXP together so the backup chiller that’s already in ISEC can be used for both buildings. This saves money and resources.


A new permanent ramp will be installed between Columbus Ave and the pedestrian crossing bridge over the chilled water connection. The project is tentatively planned to be completed in the spring of 2023. We look forward to the completion of these projects and the reopening of this area.


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