Get Involved With the Green Office Challenge


What you can do:

1) Attend the Green Office Lunch & Learn

Join us on Thursday, May 20th, from 12-1pm ET when we will discuss the 

Re-Catalyzation Initiative and share our analysis of the past five years of Green Office survey data. We will follow the data analysis with a  brainstorming session about how to make the program more effective and engaging. With the climate justice action planning and other sustainability activities ramping up on campus, the Green Office program can align and make the initiatives more robust. Come share your ideas!

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2) Take the Green Office Quantification Survey

Take this short survey (~5 min.) designed to estimate the environmental impact Green Office participants have had over the years by combining responses with original Green Office Survey responses. Metrics will include kilowatt-hours of electricity or kilograms of CO2 saved in addition to other metrics. This will help you and other Green Office participants make more informed sustainability decisions going forward as well as be recognized for the positive impact you’ve already made.


3) Help Re-Catalyze the Green Office Challenge

Fill out this Sign-Up Form to participate in Re-Catalyzing the Green Office Challenge. Core projects include Revising the Survey, Developing Community Engagement Events and Activities, and Designing an Interactive Data Dashboard. Please submit your ideas too!.


Thank you,
The Office of Sustainability

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