Meet the Green Office Challenge Eco-Ambassadors


  Heather Hardy 
Graduate Program & Communications Coordinator
Department of English   


As a steward of the Earth, I take seriously my relationship with sustainability by rethinking daily practices that cause harm to our planet and those who inhabit it. The most significant individual changes I’ve made in this process are adopting veganism and purchasing ethically and sustainably made clothing. I’m proud to direct my purchasing power away from factory farming and fast fashion industries that deplete the planet’s natural resources at an alarming rate, perpetrate environmental racism through intentional pollution, and commit human rights abuses on an unforgivable scale. On a regular basis, I’m reminded that the personal sacrifices I’ve made to be a more thoughtful and sustainable consumer are a small price to pay to advance environmental justice and feel connected to my values.


Lexi Hamsmith 
Lab Operations and Safety Specialist
Dept. of Chemical Engineering   


The Earth is our home, and we only have one. With the ice caps melt at alarming rates, species going extinct, and climate change approaching the point of no return, I couldn’t idly sit by and leave future generations with nowhere to turn. Instead, I chose to take action and use my voice to advocate for the Earth. I have committed to reducing my carbon footprint by reducing my plastic and paper consumption with sustainable alternatives, reusing glass and plastic containers or shipping materials whenever possible, reducing food waste by composting at home and at work, and upcycling items when possible. I have also been more conscious of making ethical and sustainable purchases, from food to clothing (I even have a few outfits made from recycled ocean plastic)! It can sometimes feel like there is nothing we can do to help save the environment, but if everybody implements a small sustainable change or two, they add up quickly than people realize.  In the words of Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


Marybeth A. Winter
Administrative Assistant
Department of Physical Therapy
Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences       


I have always tried to make positive changes for the environment and encouraged others to do the same. I have a small baby and one day he and all the other young generations to follow will inherit this planet. I believe it’s our duty to act responsibly to ensure it will be able to support its ecosystem and the heavy load that human beings put upon it. Faculty & staff are urged to reduce waste, recycle any & all materials they possibly can and purchase items that are eco-friendly or made from recycled/recyclable materials. The “What if everybody did it” scenario is just as true for positive actions as it is for negative ones!

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