Columbus Ave. Pedestrian and Bike Detour at EXP

Pedestrian overhead protection will be installed along Columbus Ave. (in front of the EXP site) from 4/15/21 – 4/23/21. During this time, NUPD will detour pedestrians and bikes as required.

Volunteer As An Eco-Ambassador

Eco Ambassadors are volunteer representatives that promote and encourage sustainable practices within their respective departments through peer-to-peer communication and awareness on campus-wide sustainability efforts.  The Eco Ambassador is the go-to person for faculty and staff for sustainability-related questions and issues.  The Eco Ambassador is vital to the success of the Green Office Challenge by serving as a liaison to the Green Office Team and promoting a greener campus.  Eco Ambassadors meet quarterly with the Green Office Team to share information about campus sustainability practices, challenges, and solutions.



Responsibilities of an Eco Ambassador: