Featured Recycling Stories

Something Old, Something New: NU Architecture Class Displays Installations Made from Recycled Materials

Students in Associate Teaching Professor Mary Hale’s advanced architectural design course are finding inspiration for installation projects in an unexpected place: recycled materials. The installations were displayed across campus, with the goal of showcasing student creativity and highlighting how discarded material can be repurposed in innovative ways.

What to Do About Waste: The Trash Takedown and Waste Ban Breakdown

A new series of waste bans that took place this November reinforced Northeastern’s commitment to giving products a second life.

‘We’re all in this together.’ East Village becomes first Northeastern dorm to offer composting

Residents are provided with small, leak-proof bins and compostable bag liners. Students use the bins to dispose of food waste, including bones and dairy, and when the bin is full, they drop the bag in the trash room. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

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