Featured Recycling Stories

RSA Vice President of Advocacy Taha Adams Educates Students about Recycling

The Recyclemania sustainability event returns to Northeastern! The student-led event engaged and educated people on how to become more eco-friendly.

Students and Faculty learn about Northeastern Recycling Practices

At a recent Zoom webinar hosted by the D’Amore-McKim school of business, Sue Higgins, Associate Director for Materials and Recycling at Northeastern, met with other recycling gurus and discussed the future of Northeastern’s recycling programs.  

Something Old, Something New: NU Architecture Class Displays Installations Made from Recycled Materials

Students in Associate Teaching Professor Mary Hale’s advanced architectural design course are finding inspiration for installation projects in an unexpected place: recycled materials. The installations were displayed across campus, with the goal of showcasing student creativity and highlighting how discarded material can be repurposed in innovative ways.

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