Stormwater Infrastructure


A changing climate could lead to more intense rainstorms that can drop significant amounts of rain in a very short period.  These storms can overwhelm drainage systems impacting the campus and the surrounding communities.  Northeastern has taken significant steps to retain rainwater on-site temporarily to help avoid these critical overflows and have strengthened our vulnerable locations to protect them from severe flooding events.


Groundwater Recharge

Capturing rainwater from our buildings’ roofs in underground chambers during high intensity rainstorms temporarily keeps stormwater from entering the surrounding storm drains.  The water is then slowly released into the groundwater on our campus for “recharge”.  Northeastern has 16 buildings on the Boston campus that have these groundwater recharge systems.


Flood Prevention

Installation of six permanent and five deployable flood rated doorways and barriers have been placed a the most vulnerable areas of the Boston campus to protect them against potential flooding from a high intensity rainstorm.  These measures prevent water from infiltrating our buildings and critical infrastructure at the lowest lying areas of the Boston Campus.

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