Students Celebrate Earth Month around the Global Campus 



On April 25, the London campus hosted a conference called “Fossil Fuel Phase Out and Climate Futures: Bringing Together Policy and Science.” Scientists, academics and activists met and discussed potential solutions for the climate crisis. The goal was to not only educate attendees but also spur interdisciplinary conversations and potential research projects related to the subject. London, though a relatively small campus with about 500 students, is working on improving sustainability research and recently launched a master’s degree program in digital politics and sustainable development.  

Photo courtesy Sabina Crowe 


Students on the Seattle campus built terrariums while learning about local nonprofits dedicated to combatting climate change and an individual’s carbon footprint at their Earth Month event. Each group of students building a terrarium could vote on a nonprofit to donate money to, and each one chose the Coalition for Rainforest Nation. The Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub sponsored the event and $500 was sent to the organization, which works to stop deforestation and protect animals in the forest. Additionally, students learned about clean tech as a career option, as all of them are graduate students and many are studying STEM programs. Cleantech refers to technology devoted to energy efficiency improvements, environmental protection and anything to help solve the climate crises. Seattle and the pacific Northwest are developing cleantech spaces and Seattle itself has numerous companies dedicated to the cause.  

Photos Courtesy Danny Arguetty 


Students on the Vancouver campus completed Earth Month challenges culminating in an Earth Day hike at Capilano Park.  The Northeastern Vancouver campus has 450 students in total, all graduate students, many international. Chandra Stalker, the Director of Operations, said that her goal was to get more students interested in sustainability and provide challenges that are doable for students while they are finishing up the semester. Some challenges included using a reusable bag, planting seeds or limiting their electrical consumption for the day. Students who completed the challenge could win a daytime transit pass, which would allow them to explore the city using a sustainable method of transportation.  

Photos courtesy of Chandra Stalker  


On Earth Day, the Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub hosted a Tunnel Art Celebration featuring the artists who won the competition to install student art in the tunnels. All five pieces of art that will be installed in the tunnel system feature themes of Climate Justice. In addition to the event hosted by the hub, students engaged in a variety of events hosted by student organizations and other departments. There were lectures with various sustainability experts, trips to the arboretum, gardening events, park cleanups, clothing swaps and more.  

Photo by Alyssa Stone 


Over at the Mills campus, students celebrated the annual Spring farm festival to kick off Earth Month. Students and community members enjoyed music, food and the beautiful farm on campus. The farm is open to students and provides food as well as hands-on learning experiences. People also participated in cleaning up the on campus creek during Earth Day. Mills historic campus has a multitude of green space including an outside theater, a creek and a farm.  

Photos courtesy of Andrew Gonzales and Julia Dashe 


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