Office of Sustainability

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability at Northeastern University

          Exciting changes are coming to Northeastern, as the Office of Sustainability will become the Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub to reflect our intention to engage, implement, and put research into action on climate justice, sustainability, and resilience at Northeastern.

        The Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub will work to elevate Northeastern’s ability to leverage the talent from our students, faculty, and staff, and global partnerships to expand our leadership role and implement just solutions to address the climate crisis.

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Sustainable Move-in

As you unpack your bags and settle on campus, here are some sustainable resources to help reduce waste generation and impacts on the environment.



Sustainability News & Updates

Northeastern Wins Court Decision in Plan To Expand Marine Science Center on Its Nahant Property

The Superior Court ruling moves Northeastern one step closer in its years-long effort to expand the marine center and advance environmental research, with particular emphasis on coastal sustainability.

New Battery Drop-Offs

Batteries silently power many of the products we use daily, but when they go dead, what should we do with them? Simply drop them off in recently introduced battery recycling bins across the campus. Lithium and alkaline batteries are accepted!

Northeastern Breaking Down Barriers and Building Eco Homes

Northeastern University’s Solar Decathlon Team (NUSD) is breaking barriers and building houses, all with a sustainability approach in mind.

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Sustainability at Northeastern

Northeastern University Arboretum

Northeastern University Arboretum

The Northeastern University Arboretum provides a living museum devoted to the planting and stewardship of plants grown for research, educational, and ornamental purposes.

Learn more about Northeastern University Arboretum
Northeastern Dining Services

Northeastern Dining Services

Northeastern Dining Services strives to continually become greener and more sustainable by implementing programs to create a greener campus.

Learn more about Northeastern Dining Services
Alternative Transportation

Alternative Transportation

Northeastern encourages alternative modes of transportation for convenient, healthy ways to lessen the environmental impact.

Learn more about Alternative Transportation

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