Climate Justice Action Plan

Climate Justice Action Plan

Be a part of Northeastern's effort to address the urgent global threat

The Climate Justice Action Plan (CJAP) is a community-driven planning initiative, the purpose of which is to recommend a roadmap for Northeastern University to be carbon-free. Focus areas will include, but will not be limited to, energy consumption and sourcing, climate justice, transportation, climate resilience, and the University’s ability to affect change through its strengths in academia and research.



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Share Your Ideas Now on Climate Justice Action at Northeastern

Visit our Virtual Meeting Room on Climate Justice Action and share your ideas on how Northeastern should approach paving a path toward a more sustainable and just future!

Community Conversation on Climate Justice Action - Recap

Summary of Feedback from Community Conversation on Climate Justice Action

Thank you to everyone who participated in our in-person Community Conversation on October 27th and contributed to Northeastern’s effort to build a more just and carbon-free future! This summary provides post-event information, including feedback, outcomes, and highlights from the event.

Why Climate Justice?

Underlying the Climate Justice Action Plan will be a focus on social, environmental, and economic justice, which means Northeastern University will recognize its comparative role in its contributions to the climate crisis, the disproportionate impact of climate disruptions to and capacity to adapt by marginalized populations, and the transformative change necessary to address historic inequities and achieve equitable outcomes.

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School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs

School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs

The Northeastern University School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs is at the forefront of social and policy effects in a dynamic urban setting.

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Global Resilience Institute

Global Resilience Institute

The Global Resilience Institute is committed to informing and advancing societal resilience around the world.

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Marine Environmental Sciences

Marine Environmental Sciences

The Northeastern Marine and Environmental Science program seeks to prepare future generations of climatologists, ecologists, and marine biologists

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