Climate Justice Action Plan

Climate Justice Action Plan

System change, not climate change

Northeastern’s Climate Justice Action Plan will update the University’s 2010 Climate Action Plan while aligning our strategies with the priorities and concerns of Boston’s frontline communities and the climate justice movement at large.  

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Perspectives on NU's role in climate action

Student, faculty, and community perspectives on NU's role in climate action.

This panel event was hosted by the Hub on Wednesday, April 20 to explore NU’s role in the climate justice movement with NU faculty, students, staff and community guests.

Climate Justice Action Report

Faculty Senate’s report on Climate Justice Action

On April 21, 2021, the Northeastern faculty senate passed a resolution advancing the university’s commitment to demonstrating leadership in climate justice action. The resulting Climate Justice Action Committee released a report in March 2022 that defines climate justice action for NU and provides recommendations for action.

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Why Climate Justice?

Climate change is about more than pollution and emissions. At the root of the issue is social inequality and institutionalized racism that enables the exploitation of land, people, and resources to such a severe degree that our climate is changing and low-income and BIPOC communities across the world are suffering disproportionally. Climate justice seeks to address these systemic root causes by advancing a just transition away from fossil fuels and the extractive economy.

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