Sustainability & Resilience at Northeastern

Sustainability & Resilience at Northeastern

INPR 2183

From Food to Resilience and Everything In Between

This unique, interactive course and open seminar will feature guest speakers that explore the challenges and opportunities for implementing sustainable and resilient programs at Northeastern University. The class topics will include energy, recycling, ecology, resilience, sustainable food, and climate justice, as taught by Northeastern faculty and administrative staff.


When:     Tuesdays, September 14 through October 26
Where:   305 Shillman  |  Via Zoom
       5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST


Jennie Stephens – Professor and Director of  the School for Public Policy and Urban Affairs – Primary Instructor 

Jacob Glickel – Director of Sustainability Communication and Integration – Facilitator 


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  Open Seminar  
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*  IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: The Zoom Webinar information is the same every week. Once you register, you will immediately receive the Zoom link, as well as an additional reminder one hour prior to each panel. If you have already registered for a previous week, you do not need to register again.

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* If you missed a session or would like to review something, follow this link to access all of the recorded classes.


Course Description

This interactive, transdisciplinary course explores sustainability and resilience efforts within the Northeastern community. The course provides opportunities for a diversity of Northeastern faculty, staff, and students to share their experiences engaging with sustainability planning, resource reductions, and preparing for future disruptions.  Learning about the complex and dynamic waste systems, food systems, and energy systems provides insights into the challenges and opportunities for higher education to lead a just and equitable societal transformation toward a more sustainable and resilient future.  Each weekly session will include a discussion with university leaders engaged in the topic.  The course includes interactive tours of campus facilities for students enrolled in the course.

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For questions about to the course, or to learn more about Sustainability at Northeastern University, please contact the Sustainability team at [email protected] 

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