Tunnel Art – Celebration

The Climate Justice & Sustainability Hub hosted a student competition to design an original art piece that visualizes one of the themes related to climate justice and sustainability. The Student Sustainability Committee selected five winners, and their artwork is now on display in the tunnel system of the Boston Campus. Each artist’s work creatively represents one of the Hub’s goals:   

  1. Continue to advance campuses as models of sustainable, resilient, healthy, and inclusive communities. 
  1. Contribute to a just and regenerative economy, both locally and globally. 
  1. Collaborate with adjacent communities to contribute to equitable and sustainable neighborhoods. 
  1. Leverage research and academic strengths to advance just and equitable solutions to the climate crisis. 

You can learn more about the artists, their work, and a map of where to find it below. Winners were honored on April 20, 2023, during the Tunnel Art Celebration Event.   

The competition was created not only to improve the tunnels by incorporating student art but also to get people thinking about climate justice in the Northeastern community. The Hub is currently working on the Climate Justice Action Plan with the help of local community partners ACE and One Square World. ACE centers around environmental justice in Roxbury, and One Square World is an organization focused on racial justice and has helped facilitate trainings and conversations.  

“It is a great demonstration that we are all still artists,” Leah Bamberger, Executive Director of the Hub said.  The artwork allows climate justice messages to come across creatively, she added. Plus, “connecting people with the work is very effective.” 

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