Veterans Memorial


Project Information 

Location: Axis of Snell Library and Centennial Common
Project Manager: Mark Bontempo
Square Feet: 3,000


The simple yet elegant memorial, located at the intersection of Forsyth Street and Centennial Common, features a single black granite wall. The front of the memorial, which faces Centennial Walk, is ideal for ceremonial and public observances. The rear of the memorial, a private and reflective area in a garden, features metal plates that represent the dog tags worn by soldiers during war. Each tag represents a soldier who has given his or her life in the line of duty, and includes the soldier’s name, rank, hometown, birth date, death date, department at Northeastern, and graduation year. The metal plates are designed to be touched and lifted. They reflect the faces of viewers, allowing them to feel a personal connection to the soldiers.


Photos by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University


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