Egan Research Center Retro-Commissioning


Retro-commissioning is a re-optimization process of testing existing buildings systems and equipment to ensure they are functioning optimally to meet current facility requirements.  In addition to verifying all equipment functional performance, the University goes the extra step of defining and ensuring the new control sequences are optimized for energy efficiency and occupant comfort.


Egan Research Center is a state of the art, collaborative lab space.  In 2012, the sophisticated research facility was retro-commissioned due to its high energy usage.  The process involved: testing, adjusting, and repairing air handling units, heating and cooling valves, and devices controlling airflow to occupied spaces.  New control sequences were developed to allow individual rooms to reduce airflow when not occupied and therefore reduce total heating and cooling loads on the entire building.


The retro-commissioning efforts the facilities energy group provided to the Egan Research Center achieved a 50% annual savings in thermal consumption for heating or 25,000 MMBTUs and over 1,000,000 kWh in annual savings.  Overall, the retro-commission of Egan provided an annual reduction of 1,635 MTCE of greenhouse gas emissions.

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