Temporary Closing of the Access Road Along the T wall

The Planning, Real Estate and Facilities Division has scheduled a crane pick for Saturday, February 4th from 6:00 am to 9:00 am adjacent to Hurtig Hall.

This pick will necessitate the temporary closing of the access road along the T wall. NUPD will be providing detail service to direct any traffic in front of Hurtig and beside Cullinane.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at 617-373-2754, and they will direct your call to the appropriate person.

Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations

The Chief Stewards of the University's Buildings

Through Facilities Operations efforts, all building systems and physical environments are maintained to peak efficiency, providing the basis for efficient and productive programmatic use, ultimately furthering the ongoing University Mission.


To Submit a Work Request

All departmental work orders are processed through the Work Request System on your myNortheastern or Student Hub accounts.

For Faculty and Stuff

  1.  Log into myNortheastern with your credentials
  2.  Go to the "Service & Links" tab
  3.  Select "Facilities & Residential Life Work Request"
  4.  Fill out the form to the best of your ability

For Students  

  1.  Log into Student Hub with your student credentials
  2.  Go to the "Resources" tab
  3.  Select "Housing, Dining & Campus"
  4.  Select "Facilities & Residential Life Work Request" from the available options
  5.  Log in with your student credentials and fill out the form to the best of your ability

*To access this form from outside the campus or when using a data plan on your phone or iPad, you must connect to the Northeastern VPN.

Submit A Request

Operations Quick Links



Crafts & Trades

Crafts & Trades

Are responsible for in-house renovations, maintenance and repairs, and is broken down by shops.



Ensuring building systems conform to, and function per the Owners Project Requirements, Basis of Design, and the project plans and specifications.


Environmental Compliance and Occupational Safety

The Environmental Compliance and Occupational Safety (ECOS) department promotes safety and the prevention of injuries and illness through programs and safe practices and protects the environment from hazardous pollutants in water, air, and solid waste while ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, codes, and standards.

The Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability

Sustainability factors into all of our decisions and plans for services, building designs, and product choices, but it takes a shared responsibility from the entire community.



Documents & Forms

Related Links

Request Repair

Request Repair

All repair requests start with a Facilities Online Work Request. This request form is accessible via your myNortheastern.edu.

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Customer Service

Customer Service

The Facilities Customer Service Center is the primary communications center for Facilities and is responsible for gathering information for work requests, repairs, special services and emergencies.

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Sign Shop

Sign Shop

The Sign Shop fabricates and maintains all temporary and permanent signage on the Northeastern main campus as well as its satellite campuses.

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